Instructions and Troubleshooting

To download individual instruction sheets, find the item or category you want below and click on the underlined link. A PDF file will be downloaded to your computer. The downloaded file can be opened in Adobe Acrobat.

CO2 Regulator Installation Instructions 300 KB
Installing a Tank Inlet O-Ring 328 KB
Changing a CO2 Cylinder 446 KB
Repair Kit Installation, Kits 7740-15 and 7740-15N 239 KB
Repair Kit Installation, Kit 3740-17 148 KB
Zinc to Polycarbonate Bonnet Conversion 146 KB
Polycarbonate to Zinc Bonnet Conversion 92 KB
Carbonation Testers
Beer Carbonation Tester Instructions 194 KB
Soft Drink Carbonation Tester Instructions 115 KB
Party Pumps
Universal Picnic Pump Assembly 147 KB
Bronco Pump Tapping Instructions 550 KB
Bronco Pump Cleaning Instructions 593 KB
Pony Pump Tapping Instructions 1 MB
Pony Pump Cleaning Instructions 2 MB
Beer Line Cleaning (Home Draught)
1842 Jiffy Cleaning Kit Instructions 332 KB
1842G Gravity Cleaning Kit Instructions 162 KB
Glycol Chillers
Vinservice GD 125 Operation and Maintenance Manual 2 MB
Vinservice GD 250 Operation and Maintenance Manual 2 MB
Vinservice Super Flat Operation and Maintenance Manual 3 MB
Keg Spear Manuals and Videos
Sankey D Spear Maintenance Manual 5 MB
Sankey D Spear Installation Video
Sankey D Spear Removal Video
Sankey S Spear Maintenance Manual 3 MB
Threaded Sankey S Spear Installation Video
Threaded Sankey S Spear Removal Video
Type A and Type G Spear Maintenance Manual 4 MB
Threaded Type A Spear Installation Video
Type A and Type G Spear Installation, Removal, and Disassembly Video
Type U Spear Maintenance Manual 3 MB
How to Set a Regulator 172 KB
Home Draught Dispense Guide 1 MB