Who is Taprite?

Taprite is the industry leader in creating, engineering, and manufacturing soft drink and beer dispensing technologies.

Our Core Products

  • CO2 Regulators - We manufacture the world's most trusted CO2 regulators for the soft drink and beer industries
  • Bar Guns - Our Rattler Bar Gun is a leader in innovation
  • Non-Carb Dispensers - We design and produce widely recognizable Post-Mix Non-Carb and Cold Brew Coffee Dispensers for the restaurant industry
  • Ice Chests - Our chests and bins are at the forefront of quality and value
  • Beer Dispensing - We offer a full variety of industry leading solutions when it comes to faucets, chillers, couplers, and keg spears

Our Capabilities

We are a fully integrated manufacturing company who brings beverage dispensing solutions to life through ideation, engineering, prototyping, qualification, manufacturing, and support.

Our Commitment

Taprite is driven to create, engineer, and manufacture beverage dispensing technologies designed to deliver the perfect pour around the world. Through a flexible approach and collaboration with a worldwide team of experts, we help industry leaders anticipate market trends, meet customers' needs, and deliver on a global scale.