Vin Service stronger with Aalberts Industries

Vin Service, a worldwide leader in manufacturing drink dispense equipment, was founded by Riccardo and Daniela Guadalupi in 1976, evolving constantly with the support of the second generation: Vittoria and Giulio Guadalupi.

Vin Service now becomes part of the Aalberts Industries N.V. group, quoted in the Euronext Amsterdam stock exchange. Aalberts Industries has more than 200 manufacturing sites all over the world.

Vin Service and Aalberts Industries jointly believe in the commitment to design, develop and manufacture highly innovative products. To ensure world class production process control both parties use advanced manufacturing techniques, such as the Lean Philosophy and the 4.0 Industry concepts.

The Vin Service range of products will further contribute to the growth of the Beverage Dispense Technology business of Aalberts Industries, enriching its offer of dispense equipment, and becoming a global partner of more than 100 million $ turnover. The portfolios are complementary and will strengthen our global position in the beverage dispense market. We see many possibilities for the Vin Service product range and technologies especially in North America and Asia, thanks to Aalberts Industries’ key account contacts.

Vittoria and Giulio Guadalupi will be the Managing Directors, while Cav Lav Daniela Gennaro Guadalupi will be the Honorary President. Daniela along with the founder Riccardo Guadalupi, will continue to support with their experience the future growth of the company. Vin Service will keep well established company in Bergamo-Italy with the precious support of its work force and supply chain. Moreover, Vin Service will continue to promote the Italian talent across the world.

Zanica, 4 November 2016

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