Keg Spear Parts and Tools

Since 1980, over 25 million DSI Keg Valves have been in service with the world's largest brewers and keg manufacturers. Our CO2 Valves, O-Rings, and Retaining Rings feature state of the are design and proven quality. Our Keg Valves' single piece casting eliminates welded seams and reduces the risk of microbiological contamination. Our Ball Style CO2 Valves are available to meet your OEM requirements. Our complete Sankey D Keg Spear is available in drop-in or threaded versions and in lengths that meet specifications of all brewers and keg manufacturers worldwide. Contact your nearest Distributor or Taprite Sales Representative for additional information on complete DSI Spear and Valve options.


p/n: 43-0118-00

Poppet to Ball Valve Conversion Kit for Sankey D Type Spears


p/n: 06-2067-00

Replacement CO2 Valve, Poppet Style, for Sankey D Type Spears


p/n: 06-2058-00

Circlip Retaining Ring for Sankey D Type Spears


p/n: 47-0004-00

Locking Disc for Sankey D Type Spears


p/n: 45-0017-00

Keg Spear Body O-Ring for Sankey D and S Type Spears