Beer Dispense Downloads

To download individual sheets on Taprite product lines, find the category you want below and click on the underlined link. A PDF file will be downloaded to your computer. The downloaded file can be opened in Adobe Acrobat.

Primary Beer Regulators (740 Series) 168 KB
Secondary Beer Reglators (1600 Series) 1 MB
Nitrogen and Argon Primary Regulators (740 and 5740 Series) 271 KB
Draft Towers
Draft Arms 313 KB
T-Towers 1 MB
Party Pumps
Picnic Pumps 1 MB
Keg Couplers
Coupler Selection Guide 307 KB
Sankey Couplers 856 KB
Specialty Couplers 259 KB
Glycol Chillers
Power Packs 13 MB
Tools & Accessories
Beer Pumps and Valves 603 KB
Beer Carbonation Tester 535 KB
Foam Detection 261 KB
Keg Spear Manuals
Sankey D Spear Maintenance Manual 5 MB
Sankey S Spear Maintenance Manual 3 MB
Type A and Type G Spear Maintenance Manual 4 MB
Type U Spear Maintenance Manual 3 MB
How to Set a Regulator 172 KB
Home Draught Dispense Guide 1 MB